Bomaq- All-wheel Rough Terrain Forklifts

INDUMA-Rent is an exclusive authorised dealer for Bomaq rough terrain machines in Germany!

Bomaq forklifts are characterised by extraordinary and consequent adaption to a reliable work machine and a manoeuvrability like an industrial forklift. Probably one of the reasons, why these machines are very often used in the widths of Canada and South Amerika.
Machine 3 t 5 t 7 t
Bomaq 2,590 mm 3,280 mm 3,465 mm
Best 4WD competitors 3,265 mm (2.5 t) 4,380 mm 4,415 mm
Industrial forklifts 2,390 mm 2,780 mm 3,140 mm

Exclusively valuable and popular components, elimination of critical components, sensitive operation, fast in and out and an incomparable manoeuvrability distinguish these products.

Bomaq models, currently available:

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