Used Forklifts

Choose from our offer:


From front loaders with a load capacity of 10 to, to side loaders, up to rough terrain forklifts with 5 to: We have, what you need - with diesel, gas or electric drive.


Telescopic Forklift

The all-round forklifts: Load capacity from 2 to 12 to and lifting heights from 6-30 m can be moved – also in terrain. Special forklifts for industry, construction and assembly.

Working Platform

The height of safety: for working heights up to 40 m, we offer scissor lifts, telescopic working platforms, articulating telescopic platform.

Electric Tractor

For tugger trains and other warehouse transport: electric tractors with a traction from 6 to 25 tons for industry, airports, logistics or fairs.

Transport Undercarriage

For moving and transporting machines and goods up to 50 tons: machine lifter, heavy duty chassis, heavy duty trailer and lifting portals.

Warehouse Technology

Compact and strong: Industrial trucks for smaller areas. Hand-guided as hand pallet trucks / hand stackers or as battery-powered low platform and battery-powered pedestrian truck.